Air Purification Technology - Removing odors from wastewater facilities.

Air Purification Technology - Removing jet fuel contaminants from airports.

Air Purification Technology - Removing harmful toxins from smoke filled casinos.

The Indoor Air Quality Specialists

Do your facilities suffer from ‘sick building’ syndrome? Aerisa eliminate odors and remove contaminants in the airspace. Our customers include industrial waste water treatment plants, airports, arenas, casinos and commercial offices.

The Aerisa Difference

The Aerisa System has been proven in hundreds of applications to provide the highest levels of air quality improvement and energy savings.

Air Quality Improvement Graph

Air Quality Improvement Graph Legend


What Our Customers Say

  • With the highest volume of customers and flights in the country, our terminals at LAX were often saturated with unwanted jet fumes, odors and other toxins in the air. Once we installed the Aerisa System all of those problems went away. Our customer complaints are at an all time low.

    – Tom Bradley Terminal,

Aerisa in Action

Aerisa in Action

Aerisa is the leading innovator in indoor air quality solutions for the waste water industry. At Santa Paula, our products serve ...  MORE ABOUT AERISA APPLICATIONS

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