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Aerisa’s ionization technology improves air quality for numerous commercial industries and related applications.

Our ionization products are designed with the application in mind. Whether it is a small space with trace odors, a larger space with an internal odor source, or a space that is in need of better indoor air quality (IAQ) for an existing work force, Aerisa has a product specifically designed to meet those challenges.

A few points to consider when sizing up an application are:

• Size of the space
• Type and level of contamination
• Foot traffic
• Hours of operation
• Access to ductwork

Your Aerisa Representative is uniquely qualified to examine the application and make the best choice of products to achieve the goals for the space.

Following is a partial listing of potential applications with a variety of customer types:

Commercial Industries New

Please contact your Aerisa Representative with any questions about your specific application.

Our Customers

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Coldwater Water Resource Reclamation Facility
Ken Dey, Superintendent
“Aerisa is a ‘shield’ against future corrosion of equipment and against odors that could come from any failure of the Clemons pre-treatment system.”
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