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Aerisa provides comprehensive maintenance services for all equipment supplied, to include air handlers, ion generators, transitional ductwork, engineered ion distribution ductwork and controls.

One of the primary customer benefits to using Aerisa equipment is that there is little to no maintenance needed. As long as the upstream particulate filters are properly and periodically maintained, the needlepoint and brush ionization products need no maintenance. If, over time, there is some particulate build up, simply wipe or brush the product clean. Of course, follow all IOM instructions while doing this.

For our Tube products, these need to be cleaned or replaced on an ongoing basis. In commercial settings, tubes need to be replaced every 12-18 months, depending on the filter maintenance. However, if proper care is used and IOM instructions followed, these tubes may last considerably longer.

Please call on your local Aerisa representative for all service needs including questions and site visits.

Our Customers
Cannabis Facility, Portland, Oregon
Facility Owner
We added ionization to our garden after an industry friend suggested it. The installation was simple, cost was similar to carbon bag filters with inline fans, and our energy use per unit went down from about 400W to 16W. We couldn’t believe how well the ionizers removed odors! We also noticed that it helped reduce mildew outbreaks, and mold growing on the coils of our air conditioning units.
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