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  • Supplies highly ionized air with O2+ and O2- ions into the application area to proactively attack odorous and corrosive gases while vastly improving indoor working conditions
  • Custom built air handler with filtration, fan, Model 5000 series ion generators, generator rack and control system
  • Optional: Heater (electric or gas) and Energy Recovery Unit (heat recovery from exhaust)

Model 5000 Series (Five Tube) Ion Generator
for use within CorroAer and AerSupply units or duct mounted

  • Rack mounted or in duct, five tube design for up to 10,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V
  • Tube Size: 350mm or 550mm

Model 2000 Series (Two Tube)
for Laboratories

  • In duct, two tube design for up to 5,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Tube Size: 250mm or 350mm

Model 1000 Series (Single Tube)
for office space and meeting rooms

  • In duct, single tube design for up to 3,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Tube Size: 150mm, 250mm or 350mm

for smaller individual spaces

  • Portable two tube air purification unit with three speed (100 cfm max) fan. Used where there is no ventilation system, ductwork is inaccessible
  • 120V, NEMA 15 power cord provided
  • Tube Size: 75mm
Our Customers
Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility, Goodyear, Arizona
Bob Dodds, President – Liberty Utilities
“Aerisa not only solved the odor problem ahead of schedule and under budget, it’s also environmentally friendly – leaving no chemicals or toxic waste, and requiring less maintenance and lower energy costs than competing or custom solutions. At the two locations where the Aerisa system has been installed, it’s literally now like a breath of fresh air.”
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