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Aerisa’s ionization technology provides a much more complete air quality improvement solution than competing systems. 

By utilizing Aerisa solutions:

  • A wide range of odorous compounds are controlled
  • Particulates are removed down to very small sizes
  • All airflows may be treated  

Competing technologies offer only a partial answer and do so at higher O&M costs than Aerisa technology.  Click on the following table for a larger view:

For wastewater H2S-only applications, technologies are appropriate at certain concentrations and airflow rates.  Misapplication of technologies lead to excessive capital expenditure, high O&M costs, and poor performance.

Note that some technologies (e.g., high capacity carbon, bio-scrubbers) do well at removing H2S but not other odorous compounds—two technologies may then be necessary.

The following graph identifies what we believe to be capital and O&M cost-competitive application ranges for each identified technology. Note that Aerisa AerSupply and AerExhaust systems fit well for air flow rates above ±2,000 cfm and below ±30 ppm H2S.  Contact Aerisa directly or your local Aerisa representative should you have any questions.

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Our Customers
Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility, Goodyear, Arizona
Bob Dodds, President – Liberty Utilities
“Aerisa not only solved the odor problem ahead of schedule and under budget, it’s also environmentally friendly – leaving no chemicals or toxic waste, and requiring less maintenance and lower energy costs than competing or custom solutions. At the two locations where the Aerisa system has been installed, it’s literally now like a breath of fresh air.”
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