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Aerisa’s ionization technology provides a much more complete air quality improvement solution than competing systems. 

By utilizing Aerisa solutions:

  • A wide range of odorous compounds are controlled
  • Particulates are removed down to very small sizes
  • All airflows may be treated  

Competing technologies offer only a partial answer and do so at higher O&M costs than Aerisa technology.  Click on the following table for a larger view:

For wastewater H2S-only applications, technologies are appropriate at certain concentrations and airflow rates.  Misapplication of technologies lead to excessive capital expenditure, high O&M costs, and poor performance.

Note that some technologies (e.g., high capacity carbon, bio-scrubbers) do well at removing H2S but not other odorous compounds—two technologies may then be necessary.

The following graph identifies what we believe to be capital and O&M cost-competitive application ranges for each identified technology. Note that Aerisa AerSupply and AerExhaust systems fit well for air flow rates above ±2,000 cfm and below ±30 ppm H2S.  Contact Aerisa directly or your local Aerisa representative should you have any questions.

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“It’s a whole lot safer, a whole lot quieter, and a whole lot less maintenance,” says Veley. “And the footprint is small.”
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