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Design Requirements

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For successful application of air ionization at wastewater process facilities:


  1. Select a flow in cfm, low-to-mid-concentration (e.g., <50 ppm H2S) applications that have a sizable facility volume for proper ion distribution and reaction
  2. Obtain (whenever possible) the contaminants of concern and respective concentrations ahead of system design
  3. Engineer an effective ion distribution ventilation design
  4. Approach holistically the process system design and supply to include air handlers, ion generators, transitional ductwork, engineered ion distribution ductwork and controls
  5. Specify ionization equipment systems in Division 44 (Pollution Control Equipment)
  6. Predetermine realistic system performance expectations

Aerisa provides a complete process solution to prevent “finger-pointing” and to ensure project success.

Know that because Aerisa personnel are ventilation experts, we can provide the engineered ductwork design required for proper ion distribution. This approach allows a unique design of the building HVAC system and odor control system to be combined into one unit. Building heat supply and exhaust heat recovery are standard options of Aerisa supply scopes.  Let Aerisa deliver success on your next project.


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Cannabis Facility, Portland, Oregon
Facility Owner
We added ionization to our garden after an industry friend suggested it. The installation was simple, cost was similar to carbon bag filters with inline fans, and our energy use per unit went down from about 400W to 16W. We couldn’t believe how well the ionizers removed odors! We also noticed that it helped reduce mildew outbreaks, and mold growing on the coils of our air conditioning units.
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