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Odor Ogor


  • Ionization-based system used for continuous odor control and corrosion protection for wet wells, lift stations, wastewater treatment plants and other facilities that contain high odor and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) problems
  • Fan draws air through an intake screen, over a 5550 ionization unit and into the wet well via PVC or stainless steel duct
  • System is contained in a water-proof 304 stainless steel enclosure that can be mounted directly outside the wet well or tank using either a wall mount, unistrut or legs


Aerisa products and services

  • Supplies highly ionized air with O2+ and O2 ions into the application area to proactively attack odorous and corrosive gases while vastly improving indoor working conditions
  • Custom built air handler with filtration, fan, Model 5000 series ion generators, generator rack and control system
  • Optional:  Heater (electric or gas) and Energy Recovery Unit (heat recovery from exhaust)


Aerisa products and services3

  • Engineered duct that properly distributes ions throughout application areas to achieve superior results
  • Materials: Polyethylene, stainless steel, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass or galvanized steel
  • Configuration:  Round or rectangular


Model 5000 Series (Five Tube)

Aerisa products and services4

  • Rack mounted or in duct, five tube design for up to 10,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V
  • Tube Size: 350mm or 550mm


Model 2000 Series (Two Tube)

Aerisa products and services5

  • In duct, two tube design for up to 5,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Tube Size:  250mm or 350mm


Model 1000 Series (Single Tube)

Aerisa products and services6

  • In duct, single tube design for up to 3,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Tube Size:  150mm, 250mm or 350mm



Aerisa products and services7

  • Portable two tube air purification unit with three speed (60 cfm max) fan.  Used where there is no ventilation system, ductwork is inaccessible or for client demonstrations
  • 120-240V, NEMA 15 power cord provided
  • Tube Size:  75mm


Duct Mounted Ion Sensor

Aerisa products and services7

  • User settable ion sensitivity dial; 500, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 ions/cm3
  • Dry contacts for communication to Building Automation System
  • Input voltage 12V DC or 24V DC
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Coldwater Water Resource Reclamation Facility
Ken Dey, Superintendent
“Aerisa is a ‘shield’ against future corrosion of equipment and against odors that could come from any failure of the Clemons pre-treatment system.”
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