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“When you pull up to the lift station, you used to smell the H2S odor immediately, at the gate. Now we can open the hatch and barely smell it.”

  • Utility Partners
  • Spencer Carpenter

“Aerisa is a ‘shield’ against future corrosion of equipment and against odors that could come from any failure of the Clemons pre-treatment system.”

  • Coldwater Water Resource Reclamation Facility
  • Ken Dey, Superintendent

“It’s a whole lot safer, a whole lot quieter, and a whole lot less maintenance,” says Veley. “And the footprint is small.”

  • Rose Creek WWTP, Woodstock, GA
  • Jamie Veley, Rose Creek Maintenance Supervisor

“Within hours we noticed a significant improvement in our air quality. Now, six months later, the odors have been completely eliminated, and we’ve had no further odor complaints from the surrounding community. I would definitely recommend this system to any wastewater treatment facility facing similar issues. The Aerisa team delivered great results by solving our odor issues while saving us money on installation and long term operational costs.”

  • NewStream, LLC
  • Michael Spoor, President

"We added ionization to our garden after an industry friend suggested it. The installation was simple, cost was similar to carbon bag filters with inline fans, and our energy use per unit went down from about 400W to 16W. We couldn’t believe how well the ionizers removed odors! We also noticed that it helped reduce mildew outbreaks, and mold growing on the coils of our air conditioning units."

  • Cannabis Facility, Portland, Oregon
  • Facility Owner

“Aerisa not only solved the odor problem ahead of schedule and under budget, it’s also environmentally friendly – leaving no chemicals or toxic waste, and requiring less maintenance and lower energy costs than competing or custom solutions. At the two locations where the Aerisa system has been installed, it’s literally now like a breath of fresh air.”

  • Palm Valley Water Reclamation Facility, Goodyear, Arizona
  • Bob Dodds, President – Liberty Utilities

When we took over the design, build and operate contract for the Santa Paula waste water treatment facility, the Aerisa System was a central component of our green building strategy. Today, we can monitor air quality throughout the plant and adjust it dynamically all from a central console.

  • PERC Engineering
  • Santa Paula

With the highest volume of customers and flights in the country, our terminals at LAX were often saturated with unwanted jet fumes, odors and other toxins in the air. Once we installed the Aerisa System all of those problems went away. Our customer complaints are at an all time low.

  • Tom Bradley Terminal
  • LAX
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Utility Partners
Spencer Carpenter
“When you pull up to the lift station, you used to smell the H2S odor immediately, at the gate. Now we can open the hatch and barely smell it.”
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    Aerisa uses a variety of methods to test the functionality of our products. Customers should evaluate their specific application and environmental conditions when making an assessment regarding the technology’s potential benefits.

    Our customers should also use reasonable safety precautions to prevent the transmission of pathogens, including SARS-COV-2. You cannot rely on our products alone to contain it or prevent its spread.

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