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Aerisa’s ionization technology improves air quality for numerous commercial industries and related applications.

Our ionization products are designed with the application in mind. Whether it is a small space with trace odors, a larger space with an internal odor source, or a space that is in need of better indoor air quality (IAQ) for an existing work force, Aerisa has a product specifically designed to meet those challenges.

A few points to consider when sizing up an application are:

• Size of the space
• Type and level of contamination
• Foot traffic
• Hours of operation
• Access to ductwork

Your Aerisa Representative is uniquely qualified to examine the application and make the best choice of products to achieve the goals for the space.

Following is a partial listing of potential applications with a variety of customer types:

Commercial Industries New

Please contact your Aerisa Representative with any questions about your specific application.

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Spencer Carpenter
“When you pull up to the lift station, you used to smell the H2S odor immediately, at the gate. Now we can open the hatch and barely smell it.”
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