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There are three different applications of ionization equipment within an industrial facility.

  • Corrosion Control
  • Odor Control
  • Office and common areas

Corrosion Control

For corrosion control, and depending on the level of contamination within the space (G1-GX conditions), 10-20% of the room volume is necessary for the recirculation system. For example, a room that is 20’x25’x10’ (5,000 ft3) with G3 or GX conditions, 20% would be required (or 12 ACH) of recirculation air or 1000 CFM. The same room with G1 or G2 conditions would require 10% (6 ACH) or 500 CFM.

Suggested Equipment

  • Typical equipment for this application is the CorroAer stand alone system but can also include an AerSupply unit in extreme cases.

Odor Control

Odor control applications are different in that we must apply highly ionized outside ambient air to the space. Please click here to bring you to Odor Control Design Requirements..


Suggested Equipment

  • AerSupply equipment is typically used in odor control applications. Aerisa’s engineering personnel are ventilation experts and can therefore provide the engineered ductwork design required for proper ion distribution.

Office and Common Areas

Office and common areas will typically have much less contamination and therefore, sizing the proper equipment for these areas is typically determined by the existing HVAC equipment and their related airflows.

Suggested Equipment

  • Model(s) 1000, 2000 and the AerBreeze are typically used in these applications. Both the 1000 and the 2000 are duct mounted units. The AerBreeze unit is a stand alone unit for smaller spaces.
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