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Industrial applications typically have an elevated level of contaminants which are odorous, corrosive and/or irritating. Aerisa’s industrial portfolio of products have been designed to be highly effective in all environments, regardless of contaminant load.  Please click on the product picture to view the submittal form.

Please contact your Aerisa Representative to determine which model would be the best choice for your application.

AerSupply (Complete System)

    • This equipment is used in areas that require pressurization
    • Supplies highly ionized air with O2+ and O2- ions into the application area to proactively attack odorous and corrosive gases while vastly improving indoor working conditions
    • Custom built air handler with filtration, fan, Model 5000 series ion generators, generator rack and control system
    • Optional: Heater (electric or gas) and Energy Recovery Unit (heat recovery from exhaust)


Tube Style Ionizers

For a Tube Style Product Selection Guide, click here.


Model 5000 Series (Five Tube)

Model 5000

  • Rack mounted or in duct, five tube design for up to 10,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V
  • Tube Size: 350mm or 550mm
  • UL 867, UL 1995, UL 2043 Certified



  • Recirculating air filtration device designed to be ceiling or floor mounted for odor and corrosion control applications
  • Outfitted with either a model 5550 unit or a 5350 unit, both with 5 glass tubes (550mm or 350mm)
  • Galvanized steel housing with a single horsepower direct drive fan offering up to 1,800 CFM

Model 2000 Series (Two Tube)

Model 2000

  • In duct, two tube design for up to 5,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Typically used in Laboratories or areas with minimal electronics
  • Tube Size: 250mm or 350mm
  • UL 867, UL 1995, UL 2043 Certified

Model 1000 Series (Single Tube)

Model 1000

  • In duct, single tube design for up to 3,000 cfm, depending on pollutant loading
  • 120V or 230V
  • Typically used in offices, meeting rooms, break rooms
  • Tube Size: 150mm, 250mm or 350mm
  • UL 867, UL 1995, UL 2043 Certified


Aerisa products and services7

  • 50 CFM
  • Wall mountable, countertop or stand-alone unit supplied with 8.2 ft. power cord
  • 120VAC, 60Hz, 0.08A Fuse rated at 125VAC, 3 amps, Listed Power consumption 20 watts


Aerisa products and services7

  • 2 Speed; 150 & 180 CFM
  • Placed on stand or wall mounted Supplied with 8.2 ft power cord
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 1.07 A Fuse Rated at 250 VAC, 3 Amps


Aerisa products and services7

  • 107 – 533 CFM
  • 2-wheeled base + handle, 5-speed fan setting
  • Single phase, 120 VAC, 60 Hz


Duct Mounted Ion Sensor

Aerisa products and services7

  • User settable ion sensitivity dial; 500, 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 ions/cm3
  • Dry contacts for communication to Building Automation System
  • Input voltage 12V DC or 24V DC
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    Aerisa uses a variety of methods to test the functionality of our products. Customers should evaluate their specific application and environmental conditions when making an assessment regarding the technology’s potential benefits.

    Our customers should also use reasonable safety precautions to prevent the transmission of pathogens, including SARS-COV-2. You cannot rely on our products alone to contain it or prevent its spread.

    It is important to comply with all applicable public health laws and guidelines issued by federal, state, and local authorities, including guidance published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), including but not limited to social distancing, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and the use of face masks.