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Press Release: Aerisa Hires Stuart Humphries

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Aerisa Hires Stuart Humphries as Director of Sales and Marketing
Brings Over 20 Years of Wastewater Industry Expertise.


Gardena, CA – February 10, 2014 – Aerisa, a leading manufacturer of  bipolar ionization air purification technology, announced today that wastewater industry veteran, Stuart F. Humphries, has joined the company as Director of Sales and Marketing. Humphries comes to Aerisa with over 20 years of experience as an environmental consulting engineer, contractor, manufacturers’ sales representative and, most recently, sales director for a successful wastewater technology startup.

“I am excited to join the team at Aerisa and to spread the word regarding the compelling advantages of bipolar ionization air purification technology,” said Mr. Humphries. “Aerisa’s technology not only greatly improves indoor air quality for commercial HVAC applications, but also has numerous time-tested installations for removing hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other wastewater related odors.”

The Aerisa technology is a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solution for municipal wastewater, industrial and commercial building applications. Unlike traditional odor control systems that utilize chemicals, carbon or biological media to exhaust contaminated air out
of a facility, Aerisa attacks the contaminants at their source, providing a solution to some of the most common and worrisome problems building owners face. In this new role, Humphries is tasked with growing Aerisa’s wastewater related odor control practice and increasing market share of the company’s commercial HVAC business.

Aerisa manufactures bipolar ionization technology that results in dramatic air quality improvements in a wide array of markets including industrial, institutional, commercial and residential. Aerisa also supports the engineering community in applying ASHRAE’s IAQ Procedure, which lowers facility energy consumption. Aerisa successes are found in the
most demanding applications, such as wastewater treatment, casino, food, medical, transportation and hospitality. For additional information, please visit aerisa.com or contact Stuart at shumphries@www.aerisa.com.

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