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How Aerisa’s Odor Control Technology Can Work for You!

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NewStream Case Study:
Aerisa’s Unique Odor Control Technology Saves Wastewater Treatment Facility from Shutdown While Providing Significant Savings.

The Situation
Due to odor complaints from the surrounding community, NewStream, a 90,000-square-foot, high-capacity industrial wastewater treatment facility located in Attleboro, MA, was facing shutdown from the City Council. The plant’s existing chemical scrubbers could not effectively treat the variety and concentrations of odors being produced by the facility.

“We needed a solution that addressed odors coming from multiple sources,” said Michael Spoor, president of NewStream. “Aerisa came highly recommended as a reliable and effective technology.”

A New Approach
Traditional odor control methods, such as chemical-based wet scrubbers or carbon adsorption systems, only treat exhausted air and are both capital and maintenance intensive.

Aerisa is a unique indoor air quality (IAQ) solution that purifies a facility’s air volume with a much lower total cost of ownership.

The Aerisa solution starts with generating positive and negatively charged ions in a supply air handler, which are then sent through a duct system into the facility to attack contaminants at their source. In most cases, the building air is ionized again in an exhaust air handler as it exits the facility.

Aerisa’s Benefits  

The Aerisa System is simple to deploy, manage, and maintain, resulting in significant long-term savings, and is provided without the use of harmful ozone and chemicals, or the concern of hazardous waste disposal.

A Custom Solution for NewStream  

Ion Generator Rack

Aerisa’s energy-efficient ionization units were installed inside inactive air handling units (AHUs) in the facility. When NewStream personnel placed the AHUs back into service, neutralizing ions immediately began attacking airborne and deep-seated odors throughout the building.

“Within hours we noticed a significant improvement in our air quality,” said Spoor. “Now, six months later, the odors have been completely eliminated and we have had no further odor complaints from the surrounding community.”

The Results:  Immediately Eliminated Odors and Significant Cost Savings
Since the Aerisa system was installed, NewStream has not had any odor complaints, and were approved to continue operations by the City Council.

Utilizing the existing HVAC air-handling units saved over $200,000 in product and installation costs. NewStream’s ongoing maintenance costs will be approximately one-third of the cost of traditional scrubber systems.

“I definitely recommend this system to any wastewater treatment facility facing similar issues,” said Spoor.  “The Aerisa team delivered great results, solved our odor issues, and saved us money.”

As you can see from this case study, the Aerisa Solution:

  • Eliminates odors within hours of installation
  • Treats odors at their source
  • Creates a healthier environment for workers
  • Significant capital and installation savings
  • Ongoing maintenance costs approximately one-third the cost of traditional scrubber systems
  • Straightforward retrofit for most municipal wastewater facilities

If you have any questions or would like some information, please visit Aerisa.com or call us.


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